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Looking back at the past and the years gone by, one can’t help but feel proud about the way this journey has taken shape, and how the people at the helm of Jai Bharat Steel have steered this journey into broader and bigger avenues of opportunity. The management of JB Group deserves all the kudos for superbly blending the group’s resources into a collective success that Jai Bharat Steel is proudly savouring today.  


Comprising of a fine mixture of young and old, the management team has 8 dynamic directors and a managing Director in its top executive Board. All these fine people have years of expertise in the steel business and are well groomed in all aspects pertaining to the ins and outs of this business.  


Mr. Jagdish Jain (Chairman)
Shri Jagdish Jain, the strongest pillar of the Group has always there been for this visionary thoughts which have enlightened the workers and everybody related to the Group. Mr. Jagdish Jain’s fore and far sightedness have today made the Group stand victoriously with 5 independent units engaged in the production of TMT Bars, Angles, Channels, Beams (Girders), MS Ingots, Billets for steel Mills, PVC Water Storage Tanks and Coke Oven Products.


Mr. Jaipal Jain (M.D.)
Shri Jaipal Jain, yet another torchbearer, has contributed his heart out in the Group. His reasoning and clarity have shown the right way to everyone to the various aspects of the Group. The Group could never have been so stern and stoic without the precious presence of Shri Jaipal Jain.