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Jai Bharat TMT is a wonder product and a true TMT. TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) is a thermal treatment process, in which rebar properties are attained by regulating the micro-structure. Modern, totally automatic, PLC based machines maintain temperature during rolling process 1000 to 1100 degree c. The bars pass through specially designed quenching boxes .The red-hot bar are subjected to sudden and intense cooling. The cooling time and rate depend on the size of bars controlled by maintaining a desired temperature, follow rate and temperature of water. The surface gets quenched to form a hard Martensite structure while the inner layer remains comparatively hot and Austenite .The bar is kept on the cooling bed, where it gets cooled by natural air. The temperature gradient between inner hot core and outer layer makes the core reheat the quenched surface. The TMT process treats the external Martensite and the surface and the core temperature become equal. This is known equalizing temperature. Further cooling changes the rest of the Austenite change into fine grained Ferrite and Pearlite structure, giving a balanced combination of high strength, ductility and toughness.


All earthquake resistant structure have to meet different feature of balanced stiffness, insurmountable strength, ductility between members and supports. It is where Jai Bharat TMT bars score over others-elongation values, greater weldability, non-comparable ductility and strengthening of connections.

Jai Bharat TMT born exceed high temperature zone test up to 500-500n deg c, while other bars cannot even think of these. The bars can be used in fire-affected places, as well.
Jai Bharat TMT Bars are produced with global technology, which creates a fine layer of protective scale for the sheath to minimize corrosion. In other bars, this layer gives away during the twisting process itself.
Jai Bharat TMT bars’ bond strength is tested with strength tested. This results in assured 200% greater strength over plain Ms bars and incomparable bond strength.
Jai Bharat TMT bars possess exclusive bend and rebend features. This is possible with a combination of tempered Matensite and ferrite + Pearlite aggregate structures. The core is pearlite, so soft, so bend ID, rebend 4D, instead of 3D-5D, re-bend 5D-8D in bars.
Jai Bharat TMT bars came without preheated or post heated welding treatment, have unique low carbon content, and have nil loss of strength or resistance. This translates into more weldability and consequently, more profits.
Jai Bharat TMT bars mean economy for builders and architects. That’s not all. They have in them, better stiffness, strength ductility, minimum overlapping due to tremendous ductility. No wonder, it is overshadowing conventional bars is popularity.
Jai Bharat TMT bars have 20% more elongation than other brands, say the test results. Their strength exceeds earthquake resistance parameters.
Jai Bharat TMT bars can stand up to greater loads. The minimum strength being, 450N/mm2, compared to 415N/mm2 in normal bars.
Jai Bharat TMT bars are easily compatible with other types of bars. they can be used alone or with bars, also.